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Our Expertise

With C2 GROUP, you are no more than one degree of separation from the process. At its very core, Washington is a vast and complex network. Our role is to be your direct connection to policy and decision makers. With our comprehensive coverage of Congress and the Executive Branch, we pride ourselves on keeping clients directly engaged - we are the bridge to whoever and whatever you need.

We ensure you are never separated from the process by more than one degree. This guarantees responsiveness, accountability and responsibility. The incredibly high turnover in Congress and the White House over the past 10 years is proof that you cannot stand still in today’s Washington. So C2 GROUP doesn’t rely on just a few good friends. We are committed to the broadest range of relationships and maintain a constant presence in Congress and the Executive Branch. This provides us the agility to seize the moment when opportunities suddenly become available, and gives you a voice when important decisions are made.

Core Concept

Whatever the issue or the opportunity, our approach is the same. We analyze the problem, learn the substance, establish a course of action and aggressively design and execute a strategy.

Client Comprehension
At C2 GROUP we understand that every client is different. We take time to understand your business, community or issue, and especially your unique culture. While we certainly represent clients before specialized audiences, we also know the most effective spokesperson for your cause is you - so we listen.

C2 GROUP combines an understanding of each client’s business with our extensive Washington experience. This guarantees the outcome reflects your interests and priorities.

Cultivating Consensus
C2 GROUP is a bipartisan firm. We believe that clients are best served whenever a consensus can be fashioned. We maintain close relationships with key White House and Administration officials, the leadership of both parties in the House and Senate and work both sides of the aisle on committees of relevance. We keep you out of the crossfire. At the end of the day, constituency, merit and hard work should prevail on your issue, and we make the politics line up by fostering consensus.

Collective Competence
The professionals at C2 GROUP have a proven track of getting results. Each individual brings a unique command of the Washington process honed the right way - through hands-on experience. Our principals have the collective ability to solve problems or advance issues. C2 GROUP’s proudest achievement is that our clients stay with us year after year. This continuity speaks directly to our success. Intelligence, integrity, creativity, excellence and results are the hallmarks of our representation. We call it competence.