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C2 GROUP has broad and in-depth experience with environmental issues, policies and regulations.  Unlike many other issues in Washington that are easily addressed on Capitol Hill, most environmental issues are handled in the executive branch, particularly in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  However, several other Cabinet Departments, such as the Department of Energy, Department of Transportation and the Department of the Interior, can play big roles in environmental policy and often times share jurisdictional issues with EPA.

C2 GROUP has extensive first-hand experience with these agencies as well as the White House Council on Environmental Quality, the federal government’s coordinator for all environmental policy in the Administration.

Several members of C2 GROUP have extensive first-hand experience in environmental policy and thus possess the ability to navigate through the many agencies that have an impact on environmental policy and oversight.  Nelson Litterst, who specialized in environmental issues in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs worked extensively on all environmental policies of the Administration, including the Clear Skies Initiative, Healthy Forests and automobile emissions/fuel economy.  Another member of C2 GROUP’s team with an environmental policy background is Michael Hanson who has worked extensively on automobile emissions/fuel economy issues.  In addition Patrick Robertson has similar experience working with the Senate Commerce Committee, on similar environmental issues handled by several federal agencies.

Environmental issues cut across many subject areas.  C2 GROUP has extensive knowledge and access to key decision makers that can be a critical asset for all environmental issues.