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Homeland Security

Perhaps the single most significant change in the federal government in the past 25 years was the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, following the terrorists attack of September 11, 2001.  The Department was established shortly after in 2002 to mobilize and organize the nation to secure the homeland from terrorist attacks – an exceedingly complex mission – that has been difficult to initiate and even more difficult to fully implement.  As the Department and Congress work through ongoing questions and issues surrounding their roles and responsibilities during continually changing times, C2 GROUP can provide the necessary expertise and experience to work with DHS and the individual agencies.

Becky Halkias served as the Deputy Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs for Homeland Security prior to joining C2 GROUP and has detailed knowledge of the structure of the Department, its mission and the decision making process.  Becky has worked on behalf of numerous clients on policy and regulatory matters, as well as Appropriations through the Homeland Security committees in Congress.

John Cline and Tom Crawford worked closely with the Transportation Security Administration during the transition from US Department of Transportation and continued to work with them as they implemented new aviation and public transit procedures.  John Cline also has first-hand experience working with the Coast Guard.