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C2 GROUP partners have represented clients before the Congressional tax-writing committees for more than 20 years. C2 GROUP founding partner Tom Crawford has worked on every tax measure and budget reconciliation package considered by Congress during the past twenty years.  Our experience and understanding of the committee process offers our clients insights and access that helps to generate positive, tangible results.

C2 GROUP specializes in advising clients on the legislative and technical issues that play into the committees’ consideration of all matters.  Our expertise also covers the political landscape that has such a significant impact on the tax-writing committees and its members.  We know any changes to the tax code can present opportunities as well as challenges to an organization’s bottom line.  Our track record is marked by success – we have been successful in developing and implementing strategic plans that have benefited our clients.

We are dedicated to producing measurable results for our clients and protecting their interests throughout the legislative and regulatory process.  C2 GROUP specializes in the important regulatory implementation stage of tax legislation.  While Congress can provide clear direction, the implementation is left to the executive branch and this important step can lead to unintended results if the process is not clearly monitored.  C2 Group has worked on numerous regulatory implementation issues and has developed a strong working relationship with the executive branch on tax related issues.