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C2 GROUP has extensive experience and expertise with all modes of Transportation.  Several partners have many years of experience in the field and with the development of programs, policies and regulations and thus our team can navigate the bureaucratic reviews to ensure that proposed projects receive the proper attention and feedback.

One specific area of expertise is with the New Rail Starts program at the Federal Transit Administration, which is the Federal Government’s primary financial grant program for supporting locally-planned, implemented, and operated transit rail projects.  At any one time, approximately 100 projects are under review but only a select few receiving funding, following a rigorous evaluation and rating process that is presented as a part of the President’s budget recommendations.  C2 Group Partner John Cline has worked on many rail projects that have received full funding grant agreements providing federal funds for such projects.

C2 GROUP has extensive experience with a wide range of transportation issues for all modes and can help formulate strategies and assist in promoting a strong and targeted message to the Hill.  Whether it be founding partner John Cline, a former Department of Transportation (DOT) official, working to develop a strategy for addressing the impact of new regulations from DOT and any sister agencies, or Patrick Robertson working with the Senate Commerce Committee to review a policy or legislative proposal, all of the C2 GROUP partners stand ready to address any issue in the transportation field.